Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I mentioned last week that we were having transfers, and that I was staying in the area, and my companion was leaving. My new companion is finally a gringo! His name is Elder Emrich and he is from Missouri. He has only been out for about 5 months so we are both still trying to figure out what we are doing. I still feel like I am a new missionary with no clue what he is doing, but that is okay.
The work has been a little slow lately, so when we started this week, we told ourselves that we need to save this area, and we have been contacting like crazy. The frustrating part is that almost everybody that we have contacted lives outside of our area. That was hard for us because we basically just gave referrals to other missionaries instead of finding investigators for ourselves. This pattern had been going on every day of the week, and we had only found about 2 people who were kind of interested. We were both feeling pretty discouraged so we decided to start a fast from saturday after lunch, until lunch the next day. I will just say right now that fasting works. We ended up finding a lot of people within that time period of fasting.

One of the new investigators we found is named Luis. We just passed him in the street and he asked us if we knew which church was true. He said he has been looking for a true church for 15 years and hasn't found anything. We asked him if he had heard of our church before and he said he hadn't. We explained what we do as missionaries and he excitedly set an appointment with us for thursday this week. We are really excited about him.

Later that night, at about 8:30, we were trying to find an old investigator that lived close to our house. We knocked on her door and nobody answered... Again. Any missionary can understand that feeling. We were about to walk away and look for another person when these two little kids ran by playing soccer. I asked them to pass the ball to me and I showed them some little tricks I could do. They got all excited and we ended up just passing around with each other and became friends. We saw the parents were there watching and ended up talking to them and they were really nice and accepted us to come by and teach their family. It was definitely a tender mercy. We also learned that the parents also sell chicken wings and quesadillas in the same place every night so that gives us even more of a reason to visit them.

We definitely saw the hand of the Lord this week and Elder Emrich and I are both very excited about this next transfer. This week was evidence to us that fasting really does bring blessings and even miracles. This is the Lord's work and he can help us in whatever circumstance we are in.

Have a great week!

Elder May

Our house has a random door on the second floor

We discovered that our neighbor sells churros every morning for only 3 pesos.

The scorpion we found in our house

 A guy named juan who asked me to take a picture of him and his dog, who is named Terry. We never saw him again.

A nice park in our area

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